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New Beginnings - Parshat Eikev 5779 - August 23, 2019

The beginning of school is such an exciting and enthusiastic time in the lives of our students and children. New teachers. New classmates. New routines. New classrooms. New privileges. Often this excitement and enthusiasm is accompanied by the tension created by the unfamiliar. Sometimes, students feel insecure about the prospect of starting school anew. In this week’s parasha, Parashat Ekev, the Torah presents the continuation of Moshe Rabbenu’s exhortation to the Jewish People – a Jewish People on the cusp of inheriting the Land of Israel and on the verge of losing their leader. Moshe Rabbenu says to the people, “If /when (ki) you will say in your hearts: these nations are great, how can I dispossess them? Do not be afraid of them! You will surely remember that which Hashem did to Pharoah and all of Egypt.” (Devarim 7:17-18)

The great commentator, Rabbenu Ovadiah Seforno, addresses himself to the Torah’s use of the word ki. Our Rabbis teach us that ki has four possible meanings – two…